What we do


Every successful long term bloodstock business has a foundation of top level customer SERVICE THAT ADDS VALUE for their clients through results and enjoyment along the journey, hence they keep coming back.

At Kestrel we can help you engage your client base further through the implementation of systems to ensure quality communication, hospitality with a personal touch, and a constant show of genuine appreciation for their support.

An engaged client base is the backbone of sales, and a full feedback communication loop allows you to source appropriate bloodstock more accurately. Hence, without SERVICE first and foremost, you can forget sourcing and selling bloodstock.


Whether you are a trainer, breeder, or investor, let Kestrel be involved in SOURCING BLOODSTOCK FOR YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS both at public auction or privately.

Your business model, strategic and geographic positioning, & relevant strengths are the key considerations here.

We may be able to help identify opportunities in your market, or just help you zero in and act on upside that you have already considered. Horse selection & acquisition for your business can then lean on our experience with physical type, pedigree, commercial appeal, time/speed rating analysis, relevant vetting, valuation, relationships and negotiation.


This is the easy part providing the SERVICE & SOURCE elements of the process have been well executed.

The alignment between what is good for your business and what is great for your customers is vital, and now it is just a matter of communicating your WHY in a very genuine way to the engaged audience. Long term integrity in the sales process is everything & you might even choose to pre-raise funds by delivering a key message around an opportunity to your client base. Let Kestrel assist by putting together the information of your opportunity into a clear, concise, visually impactful & interactive document.

Let us then communicate this to your target audience, and even pick up the phone where required. Our job is not done until the horse we have sourced together has a great group of new, like minded owners. Then the FUN really begins!

Bloodstock Portfolio Management

Kestrel can expertly manage your entire bloodstock portfolio, with as much or as little involvement from you as you like.

Whatever makes you HAPPY and allows you to get the most enjoyment out of your thoroughbred investment.
– breeding stock
– trade stock
– racing stock
– stallion equity

Important considerations here include cash flows, scale, quality control including acquisition & service providers, trade timing and sale selection, trainer selection, race placement, & most importantly, an accurate valuation.